NA->TT Swap with the 5spd Transmission

Parts List:
Required Parts for California Smog:

Recommended Parts for Maintenance:


Pics from my swap:

Replaced the broken ECU connector

Cleaned engine and installed Hose Techniques silicone vacuum hoses

Day 1
Removed radiator/hoses, header/cat/catback, intake assembly

Day 2
Removed bumper, headlights, hood, driveshaft, misc stuff, drained PS

Day 3
Replaced tach, removed wiring harness from interior, removed PS, removed AC, replaced fuel filter, etc

Day 4
Pulled the motor with transmission

Day 5

Day 6
Installed cat, catback, radiator, other engine bay stuff...

Day 7
Fill tranny with oil, install IC and piping, install fuel pump. Almost done!

Day ??

Updated: January 23, 2005

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